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Welcome to Track Prince, an assistant 3rd part application to the virtual horse racing game Track King

Basic Instructions!

Download and install the latest version of the application

Run Track Prince from the Windows Start menu

If this is the first time Track Prince is run, the application will start up empty. Select Get Data from the Online menu. You will now be prompted for your Track King username and Security Code.

Please note, that Security Code is not your password! You should never give your Track King password to anyone! A Track King 3rd Party Security Code can be created on the Track King site, in the Personal Details Section.

You can opt to save your login details in Track Prince for convenience, so that you won't have to enter them each time you download data. The details can always be changed in the Track Prince settings.

The first time you download data from Track King, it can take a little while, as all historical race data is fetched the first time. Subsequent data retrievals will be much faster

You will now be presented with the tabbed display of your data, starting with your horses tab. Double-Clicking a horse, or pressing the "Show Horse Details" button to the far right of the window, will show the detailed horse display for the selected horse. Double-Clicking again (or pressing the "hide" button will hide the details.

Double-Clicking a record (horse or stable) will display a new window with an analysis of the race distance in question.

Double-Clicking a race will display a new window with details of the race.

The economy tab of the horse details might need a little explanation. Stable expenses are divided between each horse present in the stable at the time of the expense. If you have 15 stalls and 10 horses, the price of a stall is calculated to the price of all stalls minus the income of stalls rented to the public divided by your 10 horses, giving a weekly price for each horses stall. The same with training hours and vets. Misc stable income and expenses (such as interest, jockey salaries, facility expenses, etc.) is also divided onto each horse, resulting in a fairly detailed economic report on the true effect each horse has on your stable economy. Right-clicking on the economy report allows you to manually enter the auction price paid for the horse, in order to complete the picture (this info is unfortunately currently not directly available from Track King).

Horse and jockey instrunctions

On the race list and on the race details, you have the options to show or hide the horse- and jockey instructions used by your horses in the race. These instructions are shown per race quarter, and horse instructions are shown as icons. The following is the legend of the icons shown:

= Relax
= Hold Steady
= Top Speed
= Run the Rails
= Run Wide

No icon is shown for "Hold your Line"

Jockey instructions are shown as text abbreviation of the instruction, ie: "Trfc" (Traffic), "Rail", "Chse" (Chase), "Lead", "Spd" (Speed) and "Hrse" (Horse)

More information to come later...